About Milly

Milly is a character name I’ve created. My name is Sharon Sen, the artist behind Milly Milk Ville. I am a multimedia graduated student and currently I am doing freelance with my handmade products and illustration. My passion in illustrations started when I was young. Even though I’ve chosen to study multimedia, my passion in illustration still laid in the foundation of my creativity.

I tried to GO GREEN. Not knowing too much on how to safe the mother earth, what I can do, I always try my best. My main target now is to use up all the resources I had on hand and I will try not to waste.

I wants to open my own shop one day and sell all my handmade items as well as handmade food to all my friends out there. For kind appreciation, you can help me to achieve by sharing my lovely page or website (www.millymilkville.com) to others.

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