Mama Whale

Have been reading a lot of news about excessive killing in whales and dolphins in some certain country. Was pretty upset about it because of the near extinction in some species on whales and dolphins that are in danger. I might not have much power to do anything about it, but all I can do is to come out a drawing wishing to create some awareness about this issue. For the sake of traditions that causes the ecosystem of our world…not cool! All animal has its own way of showing compassion and as a human being with our gifted ability to think, I wish that we as a human being will show lots of compassion towards all animal abuse. Once we do hunting for the sake of food to survive, but now it was for the sake of our own amusement like such thing as tradition. Please sign the petition to show your support. I want to thank you for taking your time to do so. Cheers and god bless.

Mama Whale. I felt so heart broken when I saw one of the picture that show a dead mama whale while it was still pregnant. So sad. 😦