Little Red Market

Last week Milly was in a market called, “Little Red Market”. It was a super fun and happy days. I got the chance to meet up with lots of people from all over the world. From Japan, Korea, US, Australia, Malaysia, and many more. I would like to share something interesting here with you all about my experience in the market.

  • What a small world!
    I was so surprised to meet some of my old friends. We hardly contact each other and this Little Red Market bond us back together again. I’ve met some friends from KTJ (Kolej Tunku Jaafar, my high school), TOA (The One Academy, my college) and my ex colleague from IN2. With this little bond, I got to catch up what they have been doing. {A very nice and nostalgic feeling}
  • Meeting new friends!
    I’ve a little chat with some of the vendors and I got to know a little more on what they are doing. Though we know the existence  of each other’s shop, but we hardly got the chance to chat and know each other. I’m glad that I took the chance to have the courage to introduce myself with the other vendors to break the ice and vice versa. {Thanks to the chocolate I ate because it makes me hyperactive and dare to talk more}
  • Reunion with the ETSY fellas!
    I’ve the chance to know more of the Malaysia ETSY fellas. (They are the one with the ETSY BADGE!) Thank you all for the support and encouragement. Without you guys, I may not come this far. {ie: I wouldn’t know what market to go, how to market my item in ETSY and many more advice that I can get from the team forum}
  • My lovely customers~❤~
    What a lovely surprise and support I got from my customers. Before I even complete displaying my products, I have some cute Japanese little gals looking at some of my products. Frankly speaking, when I heard they said “KAWAII”, my heart started to drop so fast because 1.They are so cute and 2.It was the best compliment I ever received. Thank you for your support. I will continue to work harder to satisfy every customer. Other than the young, I’ve some aunties that bought my products and I will never forget them. They are so adorable and cute too. One of them, showing off the ring that she was interested in and kept on complimenting it. I was seriously captured by their warm and friendly gesture.{Hope I get to meet all of them again and all of the one that drop by to say hi}

Unfortunately, it was a serious busy day and I didn’t get the chance to capture a lot of photos.