Weird habits!

I love all my handcrafted items and I have these weird habits that I love to smell and touch it. (No worries, I’m very hygienic freak as well. So all the items I made and send out are CLEAN!) I love the smell of a new fabrics. So every time when I just bought or received my ordered new fabric, I love to smell it first. One, is to make sure that the fabric was clean. Secondly is to make sure that is a new fabric. 😛

Other than smelling the new fabric, I love to touch it. I love texture and no matter how rough or how smooth it was, I just want to feel and touch the nature of it.

Not just to fabrics, I’m doing the same thing to the papers as well. I’m always looking out for new innovative papers that strongly believe in making the world a greener place. So that’s why I hate to waste! Even just some scraps of papers left from the paper goods I made, I always keep it. (Maybe one day I will use it one day!)

If any of you out there in Malaysia, found some papers or fabrics that are recycled, a company supplying these materials that certified as GREEN and scraps that you do not need it anymore and wanted to throw it away, please email to I love to hear more from you.