My Sketches My Pride

One of my favourite piece from my hand drawn cards. I felt kinda at ease and calm with this piece of artwork. Maybe it resembled me a lot, not with the features by the characteristic deep down inside me.

I drew these quite a while ago before I went to Bangkok. Looking at my Summer (My dog), I drew her out from my imagination using some geometrical patterns which currently I'm quite obsess with it.

I drew this while I was in the WONDER WOMEN FLEA MARKET.

Sometimes I felt that I don't belong to any group of friends or don't cope very well with others.

This is one of the character, ALEX DELARGE that requested by one of my customer to custom made a book.

I drew this on my way back from Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed in Amari Watergate in Bangkok and the words reminded me of "ALMARI", which means wardrobe for Bahasa. While drawing these sketches, I remembered watching in one of the channel that talks about animals but they speak in Thai. One of the animals are the LEMUR and I suddenly get so excited to draw it because of the furry hair. Which leads to other animal in my mind that are furry too like the rabbit, owl and my SUMMER.

Drew this on my way back from Bangkok, Thailand. The platypus reminded myself when I watch Phineas and Ferb from Disney Channel. (Yeah I know, I'm still watching cartoon!)