Milly’s Crafty Market

Milly’s First Bazaar

Milly’s very first market sales. It was a very tiring process but the outcome was so satisfying. Didn’t expect to sell much at the very beginning. In the end, when I see most of my items being sold, I was so happy. As a designer and the creator of Milly, it was so honor to hear when some one said that the illustrations was so pretty and cute. Definitely, when I have another chance, I will open once again with the same organizer.

Milly’s Rings

Milly’s Cushy Key Chain

Milly’s other accessories

Milly’s Books and Frames

Milly’s Necklace

Milly’s creator and Milly’s customers

More crowds are coming in

Milly’s customer with Milly product that she bought. Milly wants to thank all her friends and family that help in many ways and support from them. Milly will do her best and produce more products to satisfy more of her customers.